Brand Film, 2014


Design and Animation
Minhyung Lee

(not for commercial purpose) 

standingwave - keyboard stand arm extensions / neverendingever

Heralds of Change - Bopgunn

*This package is produced for educational portfolio, non-commercial project.

AIAIAI based in Copenhagen, Denmark is an audio design company dedicated to developing high quality audio products for everyday use.

I motivated by AIAIAI's identity that has Scandinavian design foundation and their philosophy that deliver value far beyond trends.

Focusing on finding well expression between AIAIAI's design values that represent the visual and the essence of company that is producing audio products, I made the slogan; SEEING THE SOUND

I created and designed a 60 second brand film sequence, it is filled with conceptual objects that are associated with Scandinavian design. I strived to get realistic motion because I wanted the viewers have sweet illusions through this video.

The opener of the second film was edited with AIAIAI’s official videos and I created integrated brand designs such as webpage, mobile app, and posters to extend the slogan’s use-case.

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