Experimental Film, 2015


Design and Animation
Minhyung Lee
Jeong-a Shin

Music (not for commercial purpose) 
deadmau5 - Errors In My Bread

Posters in office scene

"무력할 땐 아리스토텔레스"
Hyung-jin Kim (wkrm.kr)

"도시 공원: 숨-쉬다"
Dokho Shin (shindokho.kr)

"타이틀매치 - 샛꽃돌봄"
Sam-yeol Ahn (www.facebook.com/ahn310)

"예측 불가능한 상황"
Joonghyun Cho (joonghyuncho.com)

*This package is produced for educational portfolio, non-commercial project.

PLAY, the experimental film, is started from a Nietzsche's quotation.

"Our thinking is really nothing but a very refined interwoven play of seeing, hearing, feeling."
- Friedrich Nietzsche, [Thus Spoke Zarathustra]

This film represents that the perception of this world is relative, then the things we are seeing, hearing, and feeling is changing in infinite variety. Rotating stages is inspired by a toy called Rubik's cube to show fluidity width dynamics of the view of the world.

Moreover, we focused on PLAY's another word meaning as theater, this is why we built a construction with various stages in an unbroken line. And we think all of these elements are "PLAY", so we just played.

We hope the structure in this film provides some inspirations to creative fields such as game, entertainment industry, and so on.

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